The 360° World Atlas began as a dream…

As I traveled to some of the world’s most unique destinations, I always wanted to bring friends and family along. Often schedules do not match up, and I find myself on the road alone. My Globuscope panoramic camera always helped me share the journey once I got back home, as the images created a “tour” of a particular place. I would make giant prints, 10 x 72 inches, to highlight some of my favorite places and tell their stories. However, these prints were quite costly, and I could only afford to print a few. I continued to take more of these unique images as I traveled the globe, hoping one day to share them, not just with friends but with the world.

Over the years, I planned more trips and looked over countless maps. I wished those maps could “talk” and tell me more about their destinations.

A map delivers a lot of information, but it still does not put a face on the place. Most maps tend to look the same. They are filled with lots of dots and exotic sounding names. However, they do not give a visual sense of the place. I wanted to see beyond the map and get a visual fix on a particular destination. Not just a snapshot, I wanted a “360° Window to the World”.

My travels continued and soon I was in Antarctica watching a family of Emperor penguins waddle by. The scene was majestic. Giant icebergs in the distance, clear blue skies, and lots of Emperor penguins. Suddenly an idea crossed my mind. What if I could pluck a person from home and instantly transport them here to view this scene, even if only for a minute? After taking a quick look around, they would be instantly back home. I know this sounds like I had already spent too much time on the ice and was beginning to hallucinate. Yet, I wanted to share this spectacle of nature, even briefly with someone who would probably never visit Antarctica. I wanted to show them what life is like on the frozen continent. I wanted them to see this incredible corner of the world and to be able to answer the question I hear so often, “Why do you love Antarctica?”

That was my original challenge. How could I share these incredible places planet Earth has to offer? The original scenario sounded absolutely crazy. The along came virtual reality programming that could take my 360° images and create “VR Tours” on the computer. Now I have the power to put someone in the exact spot I was in – when I took the image. Instead of spinning their head, the image spins on the computer screen, creating that “360° Window to the World” I envisioned. Suddenly, I could show someone the exact place I had seen, without jet lag! My dream was about to become a reality.

The fulfillment of this dream is the 360° World Atlas online. I have researched my worldwide image collection to share many of my favorite destinations with you. My team has created specialized maps that come alive to reveal their secrets. I share some of my favorite stories and travel tips, along with narration. I want you to revel in the best planet Earth has to offer. I hope you will be inspired, and someday actually visit some of the destinations you discover in the 360° World Atlas. After all, it begins with a dream…