The 360° World Atlas is also an Educational Web App! Designed to educate students of all ages about the world in which we live, complete with lesson plans.

The goal of the 360° World Atlas: EXPLORE – EDUCATE – EMPOWER

Geography – History – Social Studies – come alive so we can Understand our World as never before!

There are many ways to utilize the 360 World Atlas in an educational setting:

CONTINENT & COUNTRY INTRODUCTIONS – Use the 360° World Atlas to introduce students to places around the world with unique VR Tours. A perfect prelude to kicking off your traditional study program.

VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS – Project the 360° World Atlas on a large screen and share the journey with all students simultaneously.

INDIVIDUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS — PASSPORTS FOR EACH STUDENT! – to use the 360° World Atlas in the classroom and at home. Capture your student’s attention and focus that interest on their traditional studies. Students create their own “passport” which tracks their progress as they complete each continent and receive completion certificates and badges for their participation.

EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES – Quizzes, Puzzles, and Activities expand the learning experience in a fun format.

LESSON PLANS FOR EACH CONTINENT – Upon subscribing – your school will receive lesson plans for each continent. These will be sent via a Dropbox link for security.

With our Education support, you can integrate the 360° World Atlas into your curriculum immediately!

Let’s Revolutionize the Way Geography is Taught!

EDUCATION SIGN-UP PAGE (Link to Education Sign-Up Page)