THANK YOU! Creating the 360° World Atlas has been a journey…and it is now time to say, “Thank You” and salute those people I met along the way. These are the people who contributed in some way to this project. Some knew they were helping with the project and others did not. Either way they had some influence and their names made it on this list. I thank them from my heart to have made this project possible in some way…

Kathy Barrett
Rose Brown
Ron Globus
Brian Yeaman
Aron Prigg
Paul Freeman
Jansen Gunderson
Jill Kemerer
Daryl Russell
Joe DeRenzo
Fred and Jean Yake
David Orbock
Fran Stetina
John Helmick
Gerard Robinson
Matt Kallio
Carlton SooHoo
Ben Nierop
Brent Houston
Frank Todd
Cedar Swan
Mark U. Lehman
Michael Pryor

Mary Barton
Jim Mellos
Veronica Corti
Graham Dollman
Ron & Valerie Taylor
Ric Globus
John Spletttoesser

Often there is one person who sticks by you on a project and sees it through to the end. For me that person is Brian Yeaman – originally hired in 2004 to scan all the photos you see in the atlas. Over the years his role increased to stitching the VR’s and creating the maps. He has helped at trade shows and in a leadership role in the final design stage and completion of the 360° World Atlas. Of all the people on this project, he has spent the most amount of time helping me bring this project to life. Brian – thanks for sticking by me – even when we thought this monumental project would never be finished!